Hi! My name is Ryan Dixon. I live in Chadds Ford, PA with my wife Leah. I am originally from Phoenix, AZ where most of my family still resides. I use this blog to post my thoughts on the world around me based on my Christian Worldview.

SelfieAs a young man, I was living a miserable life, full of pain, hurt and agony! I was so depressed that many times I had wished I could die. I tried many things to fill the void, whether it involved drugs, alcohol, women or just finding a way to feel accepted, but always came up short.

Then, at the age of 15, while heavily using drugs, the Lord reached out to me and convicted me of my life. I can’t tell you how it happened in so short of words, but the next morning, I was utterly discouraged. I knew that I was wrong before God, but hadn’t the slightest idea what to do.

I turned to prayer and asked God to send someone into my life to help me get my life right. It was several months later, at the age of 16 while suffering from deep depression that He answered that prayer and someone invited me to church. Upon arrival, the preacher spoke to the crowd about what Jesus had done on the cross, and how he offered forgiveness and a new life to anyone who would believe and we could live through His resurrection! That night, on March 8, 1996, I gave my life over to Jesus Christ!

Today, some twenty years later, I can say that Christ has never failed me. Many times, even as a Christian, life has proven to be more difficult that I could bear, but God has continued to show Himself faithful to me everyday!

I look to Him daily, and am daily in need of change. He takes me through many fires, He take me through much pain! Yet He has never left my side, even when I did Him wrong! I look up to Him once more, and unto Him do I lift my song!


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