God Cooks on Low Heat

Eggs ImageI’ve never been the best cook. I’m not sure if it’s laziness or just a lack of that specific creative gene. Whatever the reason was its safe to say that cooking was never my forte. One item that I did cook over the years (A man’s gotta eat) was eggs. Simple enough right? You crack the shell, mix in a bowl, throw into a pan and either scramble or don’t. And hey, why not through in some cheese, tomatoes and a little salt to top it off!

After my wife and I had our first son A.J., we went through what all parents go through…exhaustion. We were sleep deprived, things were a mess and we needed desperately to find a system to keep our sanity. While I can’t say we ever found a system, we went through a series of trials into life changes that would help us feel more energized. During one stretch, I had a burst of motivation to go to sleep around 8PM which was highly unusual for me and/or my wife. My thought was, if I could sleep until 4AM, I could wake up and let my wife sleep consistently for those hours of 4AM to 7:30/8:00AM when I needed to start getting ready for work. Seltzer WaterIt worked out well while it lasted and one of the added benefits for our family was, I started to cook breakfast every morning. It was always eggs mixed with whatever leftover meat I could find, some veggies, cheese, salsa, a side of fruit and some fancy seltzer water with lime. And of course, lets not forget, coffee!

In the process of trying to dice tomatoes, limes, fix water and coffee and of course scramble the eggs, I found myself rushing around trying to get everything done at exactly the same time so when my wife walked down, everything would be ready and on the table. Now I suppose I could have diced everything before I started cooking the eggs, but where’s the fun in that? So what happened? The waters would be getting finished up and tomatoes diced and ready to be thrown in, but the eggs were already done and if I added cheese at this point the eggs would become a little too dry for my liking. Edible, but not the best!

I had to fix this problem and it occurred to me that I was cooking on medium heat. No one had ever told me to cook on medium heat, its just what I had always done. So, lets try low heat. The next morning I ran my same routine. First, mixed in some leftover meat with the eggs and scramble. Next, buttered the pan and did so on low heat. Then, I threw in the eggs and raced to see if I could get coffee, water with lime and tangerines, some sliced mango’s and some waffles ready in the toaster over. Upon finishing all of the tasks, I looked at the eggs and they looked to be at the perfect level to add in tomatoes and cheese for the last minute or so. I had done it, achieved my goal of multitasking and creating the perfect breakfast! And wouldn’t you know, just as my wife came down.

So, who cares right? You made an egg. Well, I’d say you’re very right. Yet in this time, God was revealing something to me about my life. God cooks on low heat! You see, as believers, we are always in a rush to move things along. But, God is the Master Chef. He is the only one who sees all the ingredients so to speak! He is the only one who sees what He is making. Many a character in the Bible could attest to this. Abraham was told he would bear a son, at 75 years old. If ever there was a person who may have felt they needed to hurry things up it would be Abraham. But God delayed that promise 24 years until Abraham was 99 years old. God sent Samuel to anoint David as King while he was a teenage and yet David didn’t sit enthroned in Jerusalem until he was almost 40 years old. Jesus, who is the Lord Himself, spent 30 years here before he began His public ministry, and no one knew it! And not only that, but there was 400 years between the end of the Old Covenant and when Christ appeared. Why we may ask? I’m not sure we always know the answer, but the Bible does tell us this in Galatians 4:4. But when the fulness of time came, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the Law. . . .


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